We fuel the world's best athletes with high-performance products every day.

Now we’re bringing them to you.

Our dietary supplements help your body cope with daily life challenges. 

Maximizing hydration, decreasing stress and enabling rest are keys to boost performance and quality of life.


Andrew Hauser

Performance Coach, Major League Baseball

“As I got to use it near the end of the season and now again in our off-season travels, I’ve noticed increasing benefits from day one. This is now an essential part of my daily life.”

Joe Magliano - Headshot

Joe Magliano

Consultant, New York City

“In early March, I tested positive for COVID-19 and used the ERW Active products to help maintain stability in a challenging time both physically and mentally. SLEEP aid assisted in getting restful sleep when I needed it the most and HYDRATE helped me to maintain an optimal hydration when I was losing a lot of fluids through the illness.”


Jonas Gregaard

Pro Cyclist, Astana Pro Team

“As an athlete and human, I’m into the little things that will improve my life and performance. The products from ERW Active have given me the extra boost to take on a busy season.


Let us help you perform at your best. 

Our products fuel the trailblazers of tomorrow.

We’re supporting the next generation of doers with the tools to take their performance and daily life to the next level.


Stay in balance and ready to perform

Our solutions are developed to provide optimal performance without the short energy spikes and crashes.  Our solutions help performance whether taken as individual sachets or as a total solution.

Developed with the world’s best athletes

Our DNA lies in working with the highest level athletes.  Our founders met on the Tour de France and worked with some of the best endurance and speed athletes on the planet.  Their feedback became the fuel for our solutions.

Tailored for the everyday athlete

Parents, pilots and postal workers are all performance athletes in their own disciplines.  Our solutions are based on the science of the body and not of the title.  We have developed our solutions to make everyone increase their performance in whatever they choose to do.

No Shortcuts, No Compromise

The only spikes in our solutions are on the athletes that wear them.  The only crashes in our solutions are when the athletes’ equipment fails them.  We don’t take shortcuts in our solutions.  All our products are certified with Informed Sports and NSF.  We are all athletes in life.

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