Hannah Wells running in the forest and standing by a tree with her hands on her hips, looking downHannah Wells running in the forest


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The end of jet lag as we know it

ERW Active

We care about your gut.
All of our products are made with high end ingredients, without nasty artificial sweeteners and fillers to protect your gut health.
Eat. Race. Win!

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Our story

Our DNA lies in working with the highest level athletes. Our founders met on the Tour de France and worked with some of the best endurance and speed athletes on the planet. Their feedback became the fuel for our solutions.


"I want to show up at the races feeling energized and ready to perform. ERW Active's been helping me achieve that goal"

Marco Sorensen
Le Mans Driver, Aston Martin Racing

"Rest and recovery are essentials for me to perform. ERW Active has been helping me do that at a record place."

Dr. Hannah Wells
Professional Triathlete, IRONMAN Winner and ERW Active sponsored athlete

Simon Andreassen rides his mountain bike up a hill

"ERW has given me the tools to recover faster between hard training days and races"

Simon Andreassen
Pro Mountain Biker, Red Bull Athlete