ERW Active and Hannah Grant starts collaboration with Riwal Cycling Team for 2021

ERW Active and Hannah Grant starts collaboration with Riwal Cycling Team for 2021 - shop.erwactive

With the goal to achieve a better understanding of nutrition and restitution and by that create better riders Riwal Cycling Team and ERW Active starts a collaboration for 2021, where Hannah Grant will be a Performance Nutrition Advisor in the team.

To be a good bike rider is about much more than being able to push a lot of watts in the pedals. Often it takes a life, where everything is built around the performance on the bike and to support that, Hannah Grant joins Riwal Cycling Team as a Performance Nutrition Advisor in 2021 in a collaboration with ERW Active.

Hannah Grant, former chef at the World Tour team Saxo Bank and the Michelin restaurant NOMA, will support the riders of Riwal Cycling Team in how they optimize themselves through their diet and nutrition, when they are not on the bike.

“We are going to work with their everyday diet. When they aren’t at races it is important, that the riders themselves can cook healthy, easy and quick food to optimize their performance. We are doing an online course with the riders where cooking and nutrition is the focus, so they easily can implement simple technics and dishes in their everyday life. It has to be easy for the riders at home – as well as away from home – to eat correctly in order to optimize their restitution as well as making sure to cover their energy needs in the right way. We also want to help them to improve their restitution through better hydration and sleep, so they are ready to perform again more quickly,” Hannah Grant explains.

“It is important for a professional athlete to be able to navigate in what actually works, when you have to perform – there is a lot of nutritional misinformation from some big brand and former top riders, so it can be hard to figure out, what actually works, so you have the energy when you really need it. We should avoid the quick-fix myths about diets, and therefore it’s important to build a good foundation of knowledge about nutrition for the riders – after all they spend most of the time training at home. Because of that, it is so important that they are able to navigate in it themselves,” Hannah Grant says.


The products from ERW Active are going to help the riders give their bodies the best possible building blocks, when they have finished training and must relax before the next training or race.

In Riwal Cycling Team it is important, that the riders achieve a bigger knowledge about, what makes them better riders. Therefore, the team focuses on, how the riders can improve their performance on the bike by changing things off the bike.

“We are really happy, that ERW Active and Hannah has chosen to get involved in our project this year. It is our ambition, that the riders should have the opportunity to explore their potential, and with Hannah as a part of the team, they get a lot of new tools to work with. I think it shows, we are ambitious and even though we are riding at continental level, we operate as a professional team. All this strength our ambition to once again become a professional team in 2022,” CEO of Riwal Cycling Team Mogen Tveskov says.


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