How to add electrolytes to water

How to add electrolytes to water

What are electrolytes—and why are electrolytes good for you?

In the race of life, you need your brain and your body to be able to function at their best. That means making sure that your body is well-hydrated—and adding electrolytes to the water you drink can help you achieve this.

But what exactly are electrolytes, and why are they good for you? In this entry, you’ll learn about electrolytes and how adding them to your water can help you be the best version of yourself. Read on and find out how to easily add electrolytes to your water every day. 

Magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium—you’ve probably heard of all these minerals before. They also happen to be electrolytes: minerals that conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

Electrolytes are important for your body for several reasons. Some of the roles electrolytes play in the body include:

  • Controlling your fluid balance
  • Regulating your blood pressure and maintaining your blood acidity
  • Helping to rebuild damaged tissues
  • Sparking nerve impulses that help your muscles contract—including your heart

Together, these roles help to ensure that the cells, tissues and fluids in your body can communicate properly—and this is crucial to maintaining proper bodily function. In fact, without electrolytes your heart wouldn’t be able to beat.

Electrolytes are essential to keeping your body hydrated

As mentioned, electrolytes help in balancing the amount of water in your body. This means that they are essential to keeping your body properly hydrated.

Electrolytes help maintain optimal fluid balance within your cells, and they’re also responsible for directing water to the areas in your body that need it the most.

A properly hydrated body means a body that functions well. This is particularly important when you are healing after surgery or a medical procedure. But hydration is just as important in your everyday life.

From transporting nutrients and flushing out waste and toxins to regulating body temperature, water is an essential part of virtually all your body functions. So whether you’re running a marathon or getting ready to deliver a dynamic presentation, your body needs to be properly hydrated for you to be at your best.

How do you lose electrolytes?

When you sweat, you lose water—and this means that you also lose electrolytes. On average, you lose about 1 gram of sodium with every liter of sweat. So if you’re an athlete, you tend to sweat a lot, or you are active in a hot climate, you can be susceptible to electrolyte loss.

You also lose electrolytes through your urine. This means that in environments where you would be likely to urinate more—e.g. in cold or high altitude environments—you also lose more electrolytes. Fevers, vomiting and diarrhea can also affect your electrolyte levels.

You don’t need sugary sports drinks to rehydrate: how to add electrolytes to your water

If you suspect that you are low in electrolytes, rehydrating yourself is an important step towards getting your body back on track. The right drinks will help you achieve this—and by that, we don’t mean sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade.

Essentially, sports drinks are marketed as electrolyte replacement drinks, and they do contain sodium. However, they are also loaded with simple sugars—and this can actually dehydrate you by reducing the amount of fluid your body is able to retain.

To help you restore your electrolyte balance without consuming unnecessary carbohydrates, ERW Active have developed HYDRATE, SLEEP and My Flight Pack™️: the simple way to make your water work harder for you in the race of life.

How to add electrolytes to water: HYDRATE, SLEEP and My Flight Pack™️

Adding electrolytes to your drinking water doesn’t have to be difficult—or unhealthy. Developed by Hannah Grant and Dr Stacy Sims, ERW Active’s science-based electrolyte formulas are designed to help you keep hydrated without nasty additives and loads of sugars.

HYDRATE is your all-day hydration system that enables maximum fluid absorption and helps you avoid the side effects of mild dehydration. All you need to do is add one sachet of electrolyte powder to 500 milliliters of water—and you’re good to go. Whether you need hydration during work hours or training sessions, before or after a night out or on hot summer days, HYDRATE has you covered.

Hydration is also important for your ability to wake well-rested and ready for a new day—and quality sleep is key to a healthy immune system and top performance in your daily life. That’s why our SLEEP formula is designed to help reduce your production of stress hormones. It also aids in triggering melatonin production to promote a longer deep sleep phase and better REM sleep.

When the race of life takes you to new altitudes, it can be a challenge to keep up—and especially to keep hydrated and well-rested. For this purpose, we have developed My Flight Pack™️: the end of jet lag as you know it. My Flight Pack™️ helps you keep hydrated and better adjust your sleep/wake cycle to the new time zone.

Find out more of the benefits of adding electrolytes to water from our satisfied customers

Improved skin, increase of energy
Absolutely a life changer. Using HYDRATE every day 1 sachet for a three months. My skin became so much better, even some wrincles became less obvious since the body overall feels indeed hydrated. - J. Leith.

I've used both the Hydrate and Sleep…

I've used both the Hydrate and Sleep products and love them both.

I find my recovery is better after I use them individually and combined as well. It's these little things that fine tune my overall wellness, performance and quality of life. I do WAY better on a good sleep and hydrated brain and these both help! 

Great hydration product

Great hydration product with mild taste which reduces palate fatigue. Would definitely recommend.
-M. Mac

HYDRATE (28-pack) 

I bought this because I find myself unable to hydrate as much due to wearing PPE at work. I sip on this throughout the day and it really does help! Both flavours (mango and berry) are delicious. Very pleased


Amazing solution for training and racing in the heat! 

-Kelly M.

I use HYDRATE mostly on ride days. It helps me rehydrate faster in comparison to other products I used before. Also, when I bike to work and drink it during the ride, I am able to focus better at work. First I was unsure, if this was really the effect of HYDRATE but it appears, that on days I take the train (and therefore don't drink it), I tend to be more tired.

  • Mathieu Bourquin

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