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Introducing ERW Active - shop.erwactive

At My Flight Pack we have never shied away from a challenge.

Which is why, despite everything that 2020 has thrown up, we are marking the end of this unique year by embarking upon an exciting expansion.

Therefore … welcome to the ERW Active range – highlighted by signature products ERW Active HYDRATE and ERW Active SLEEP.

The ERW Active line remains true to our promise of refusing to compromise on the quality of the ingredients. Dr. Stacy Sims and Hannah Grant have again collaborated for a product that steers clear of replacement ingredients that would be cheaper to make, but far less effective.

The range provides tools for the race of life, to deliver a championship version of you each and every day. It promotes alertness, focus, stamina and wellbeing, be it during competition, the new demands of the work-life balance or to get a quality of sleep that you’d previously only dreamed about (pun intended).

ERW Active takes all the detailed scientific findings that went into making My Flight Pack a success and adapts them for daily use, providing immune system support to users whether they are traveling or not.

We can’t wait until things are back to normal regarding travel, but we are now also fully committed to giving our family of users an extra health boost, 365 days a year.

Find ERW Active Hydrate and ERW Active Sleep here and enjoy round the clock fulfillment founded on the best, most up to date nutritional science.



My Flight Pack co-founder Dr. Stacy Sims PhD was recently quoted in an article that took a fascinating look at the history of sports hydration.

The story began with the remarkable tale of the 1904 Olympic marathon, where the winner was kept going with a cocktail of rat poison, brandy and egg whites, and was allowed only sips of water by his trainers.

Thankfully, sports hydration has moved on since then, but as Dr. Stacy pointed, not by as much as you might think.

“Of course, things are very different compared to then,” Sims said. “But there have been misconceptions and pervasive myths around the optimal ways for athletes to hydrate for as long as there have been endurance events – and there still are. There is sound science, but it gets lost in the translation to marketing and biased agendas.”

Part of our commitment to making ERW Active a valuable and authentic consumer experience involves cutting through the jargon. We pledge to give you the best ingredients, the best science and peace of mind that you’re putting only the best into your body. 



Ever increasing numbers of professional athletes are turning to the ERW Active range as major competitions across a number of sports are getting back underway again. The latest addition to our team is Dr. Hannah Wells, one of the world’s leading triathletes.

Wells has been a devoted user of My Flight Pack since 2019 and has been just as impressed with the ERW Active range. “I love the products and coming from a medical background, I have always loved that it is backed by the best science,” Wells, who now competes in an ERW Active branded racesuit, said.

“But this range is even more exciting because is now something that can be a part of my daily routine, not just when I’m flying.”

Wells recently embarked upon a grueling end to her championship season, competing in the Challenge Wanaka (New Zealand) and Geelong 70.3 triathlons only two weeks apart. For the second race, in Australia, she was expecting to experience some fatigue but says the recuperative effects of ERW Active helped push her to a superb time.

“I felt great at the start – which I wasn’t expecting given my recent workload – and I just felt like I had more in the tank the whole way. The product doesn’t give a sudden rush of energy, it is just a smooth sense of balance and feeling like my body is in synch even if I have pushed myself really hard. I am excited.”

We are excited too. This is a new era for our company and we are glad to have you as part of it.

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