Hydration powders for the race of life

Hydration is essential to performance for athletes and competitive business people alike. That’s why ERW Active have developed HYDRATE: the hydration powder to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated.

ERW Active’s HYDRATE electrolyte powder can help you stay focused, keep your cognitive performance at peak and avoid dehydration—and hangovers. From helping boost your energy levels to promoting better immune function, HYDRATE packs the potential you need to stay ahead in the race of life.

Make your water work harder for you with electrolyte hydration powder

Whether you drink tap water or bottled water, it likely contains trace amounts of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium: electrolytes. From regulating your blood pressure to helping your heart muscles contract, electrolytes play a vital role in keeping your body functioning properly.

They also help keep you hydrated—an essential part of living a happy and healthy life. That’s why Dr Stacy Sims and Hannah Grant have developed ERW Active’s science-based electrolyte powder formulas HYDRATE, SLEEP and My Flight Pack™️ to make the water you drink work harder for you.

ERW’s hydration powder is designed to work with your physiology by helping your body absorb fluid more efficiently. All it takes is adding one pack of HYDRATE to 500 ml of water. A 500 ml serving of HYDRATE will hydrate you as much as 1500 ml of water—and unlike with sugary sports drinks, you don’t have to worry about consuming unnecessary amounts of simple sugars and artificial sweeteners.

HYDRATE electrolyte supplement helps you stay hydrated without compromising on neither health nor flavor

Developed by Hannah Grant and Dr Stacy Sims, ERW Active’s electrolyte powders are the perfect blend of scientific research and findings, natural ingredients and delicious flavors. In HYDRATE, these are combined to create a product that helps support your body functions without compromising on neither the quality of ingredients nor the flavor of the hydration powder.

Rather than focus simply on an immediate goal—such as completing a workout or giving a presentation—HYDRATE electrolyte powder is designed to help promote the ongoing health of your whole immune system. The formula is free of unnecessary carbohydrates, meaning you don’t have to worry about consuming loads of simple sugars with every pack. This makes HYDRATE suitable not only for athletes, but for everyone looking to get ahead in the race of life.

Without simple sugars, you might worry that the product doesn’t taste good—but that is far from the case. HYDRATE electrolyte supplement doesn’t only make your water work harder for you: it also makes it taste better.

HYDRATE is available in two flavors: berry and mango. Both are achieved with quality ingredients and add a light, refreshing and delicious flavor to your water that makes you more than happy to stay hydrated every day.

Hydration powder: good morning sunshine—goodbye hangovers

HYDRATE isn’t just good for the overall health of your immune system. It can help you avoid dehydration—and that means that it can help you avoid hangovers, too.

Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance are the reasons we get hungover from alcohol consumption. Alcohol increases your urine production, which makes you lose fluid and electrolytes, causing your body to dehydrate.

HYDRATE helps increase your fluid absorption. This means that when taken before festivities, the electrolyte supplement can help you decrease the effects of the dehydration you would experience from drinking alcohol. And when taken the morning after, the formula helps you restore balance to your fluid and electrolyte levels faster—and this can help you cure your hangover. Learn more about how to add electrolytes to your water here