ERW Active offers a tailored hydration formula, that works with your physiology.

Based on the science of the NASA astronauts ability to absorb fluids outside of gravity, ERW has created HYDRATE - a low carb daily hydration blend that optimizes your hydration. 

We’ve tested it on some of the worlds best athletes and on thousands of busy people, so we know it works.

When you’re hydrated, your body maintains optimum blood pressure, which helps your heart pump oxygen around your body. You feel energized, ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

Ok, so Why can’t I just drink regular water?

Regular water cannot be absorbed by the cells at its natural state - it sounds crazy, but the science behind it is not.

In order for the cells to absorb it, the salt balance must be the same in the water as in the body (Osmosis). This means that your body will release valuable salts and minerals (electrolytes) into the water in your stomach in order to create the same solution of salts on both side of the cells before it can be absorbed. 

The result is that the body loses vital salts and minerals essential for brain and nerve functions. This triggers a diuretic response, meaning that the brain tells the body to release water in order to keep the levels of electrolytes at a safe level, so your body won’t shut down. 

Basically, you have to pee and for every sip of regular water you drink, it gets worse.

Only 1-2% loss of body fluids affects:

• Overall cognitive performance and ability to focus

• Short term memory for verbal presentation

• Reaction times

• Hand to eye coordination

• Safety in work environments (more accidents)

• Emotional stability (anger, sadness and frustration)

• Increased production of stress hormone

• Immune systems

Yes, they can in deed, HYDRATE is great for your kids active lifestyle.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates you like nothing else. Drink ERW active HYDRATE before, during and after your night out. Og and don't forget the morning after.